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Personal Information Protection Policy

HIGUCHI INC.'s policy regarding the handling of personal information is defined as set out below and implemented accordingly.

1.Aims of Personal Information Protection

HIGUCHI INC. (hereinafter,“Higuchi”) considers personal information protection to be an important topic that applies to all of its operations.
In addition, “Personal Information” is an important asset from the point of view of both the customer and the handling party (in this case Higuchi),
and reliably protecting this information is a key responsibility.
Therefore, Higuchi implements companywide measures for personal information protection, ensuring it fulfills its social responsibilities and providing reassurance to customers.

2.Acquisition of Personal Information

In cases where it is necessary, Higuchi collects personal information from customers using fair and appropriate methods having first made clear the intended use of the information and obtained consent from the customer.
The information is then used within the boundaries of these usage aims.

3.Use of Personal Information

Personal information collected from customers by Higuchi will be stored appropriately and its use and provision limited to the boundaries agreed to by the customer. In cases where there are legal stipulations, personal information will not be disclosed or provided to third parties other than those agreed to by the customer.
So that personal information is not leaked or provided to others by parties to whom customer's personal information was provided based on the consent of the customer, these parties shall be contractually obliged to ensure that the aforementioned problems do not occur and to manage the information appropriately.

4.Appropriate Management of Personal Information

In order to ensure the accuracy and integrity of personal information Higuchi implements safety measures, including security measures, so that illegal access to, loss of, damage to, tampering with, and leaking of personal information does not occur.
In addition, necessary and suitable secure management measures are implemented and those involved with the handling of personal information are monitored appropriately.
Furthermore, Higuchi makes great efforts regarding preventative measures, and when improvements become necessary due to instances of security problems within the market or due to customers'demands, fixes are implemented swiftly.

5.Observation of the Law

Higuchi observes laws and other guidelines relating to personal information.
Furthermore, Higuchi ensures its personal information management framework always complies with these laws and other guidelines.

6.Person Information Inquires

If a customer wishes to inspect or edit their personal information, they may contact Higuchi's Personal Information Consultation Service where their
requests will be handled as swiftly as possible based on the Personal Information Protection Law.

HIGUCH INC. President and CEO: Yasunori Ohama