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The advance of granulating technology in Japan has been driven by Higuchi.
Since we began importing fluidized-bed granulating machines from Europe in the 1960s, Higuchi has consistently provided machines and equipment that meet the needs of our customers.

Although trade is our primary business, our operations are not limited to imports and sales alone. We also provide special services to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers. For example, we help our customers choose the best equipment from among the diverse options available on the domestic and overseas markets and optimize them as necessary in line with their requirements.

The services we provide domestic pharmaceutical and chemical producers cover the entire range of their processes, from research and active ingredient development and production to pharmaceutical fabrication and testing.
Higuchi is also involved in the introduction and development of innovative new devices aligned to new trends in the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceuticals-related legislation. We conduct research and development jointly with Japanese universities,pharmaceutical producers, and machine manufacturers.

Based on the solid relationships that our experienced sales representatives have build up with pharmaceutical companies in Japan, we are able to provide overseas partners with up-to-date information on technological and other trends.

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