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Our Pharmaceutical Department started out in 1964 with the import and sale of functional coating materials made by Röhm GmbH of Germany and fluidized-bed granulating and coating machines made by Glatt GmbH of Germany. Over the half century since then, we have steadily expanded sales to Japanese pharmaceutical firms.

Today we sell an array of imported excipients and equipment for the production of solid dosage forms such as tablets and capsules, as well as various analytical and testing instruments. We also offer maintenance and other services. While our main customers continue to be Japanese pharmaceutical firms, we have expanded our operations to overseas markets over the past few years in order to introduce Japan’s innovative analytical instruments to customers abroad.

We will continue to introduce high value added products from abroad to the Japanese market to contribute to the further advance of Japan’s pharmaceutical industry. If you are looking for a partner to help enter or increase your presence in the Japanese pharmaceutical market, contact us.