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Raw Materials

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As authorized distributors in Japan, HIGUCHI INC. represents leading excipient manufacturers in the USA, Europe, and South Korea.
Many top-rate products sold in Japan—products made in state-of-the-art facilities in full compliance with international pharmaceutical standards—are sold through Higuchi.

Our lineup of excipients covers the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical applications.
We offer binders, fillers, disintegrants, sweeteners, and other traditional excipients.
In addition, we offer functional excipients for new development areas such as ODT and SEDDS.

We provide clients with viable solutions to their needs and products for diverse applications.

As a company connecting products with clients, we often become the immediate point of contact for product-related technical and regulatory queries.

We assure our customers of quality, transparency and reliability at all times.
When Japanese pharmaceutical companies look for special excipients to complete their formulations, the first name their researchers think of is Higuchi.