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Analystical and Testing Epuipment


As a company with a strong track record selling to domestic pharmaceutical firms, Higuchi has dealt in scientific measuring instruments since the establishment of the Pharmaceutical Department. In 2008 we formed the Scientific Instrumentation Group, a section dealing exclusively in measuring instruments, in order to enhance our services to customers in the pharmaceutical industry.
The Scientific Instrumentation Group handles products of both domestic and overseas manufacturers. With a section devoted to technical services in existence from the very beginning of its inception, the group is involved in a variety of operations ranging from import and sale to maintenance services, giving Higuchi a unique advantage over other specialized trading houses. Capitalizing on this advantage, we have diversified our sales channels to include the R&D and quality control sectors of pharmaceutical firms. In this way, Higuchi has gained the outstanding trust of our customers.

Our main products in scientific measuring instruments include:
Dissolution apparatus (Agilent Technologies, USA)
Tap density tester (Electrolab, India)
Taste sensing system (Insent, Japan)

The Scientific Instrumentation Group with its unique advantages will continue to evolve as it constantly strives to deepen the trust and business relations it enjoys with pharmaceutical firms.
If you have scientific measuring instruments that you believe can contribute to the further advance of Japan’s pharmaceutical industry, be sure to contact the Scientific Instrumentation Group of Higuchi. We are confident we can be of service to you.

Taste Sensing System