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eople who make the thing tie, and it contributes to the creation of new value.

HIGUCHI INC. started out as a company that sold petroleum products and has since grown as a Japanese distributor of European chemical company products,
establishing pipelines in the petroleum, pharmaceutical and food products industries.
Our policy is to provide the highest level of convenience through various products while pursuing ever more safety in our points of contact with people and taking into consideration harmony with the natural environment where we come in contact with it.

Based on our motto, which says that “No one needs a useless trading company,”
we seek to become a trading company that meets customer needs rather than one whose sole purpose is trade.
With our global network, we are able to locate and provide our customers with materials of true value which are best suited to their needs.

As an instrumental trading company serving as an invisible thread linking people that create things with people that use them to create even more usefulness and offering support for giving shape to things,
we strive to paint a marvelous future together with our customers and bear rich fruits.
As a company that handles chemical products, we hope to contribute to the future from a global perspective to pass on to the next generation a beautiful environment in which children can live without anxiety.

Wataru Ohama, President - COO